Multimedia Information Systems and Technologies Center   


“Multimedia” Information Systems and Technologies Center was founded in 1997 as Non-Governmental Organization and registered by the Ministry of Justice in October 1998 ( license N1069 ).  

  Research activities.  The Multimedia Center makes steps in studying Azerbaijan’s Internet Infrastructure. Serious researches were conducted on the following themes: “The Internet and the government”, “Domain-Az”, The Internet and information safety”, “National Internet resources”. The results of these researches were published in the newspapers. 

 Currently the “Multimedia” Center is the only social structure in our republic, which is engaged in exploration of information technologies and Azerbaijan’s Internet Infrastructure.  

“Multimedia” Center is the leading non-governmental organization in Azerbaijan providing assistance in the sphere of informational technologies.

Centre Multimedia 2001 realized at support of International fund " Eurasia "  the Project  " Application of the international standards in an infrastructure the Internet Azerbaijan ". (www.cit.az  (Seminars))


Centre Multimedia 2002 realized at support of  fund "Sorosa"  the Project  " Application of information technologies in education Azerbaijan ". (www.aztest.az )


              The educational program. The Center’s main direction of activity is systematic collection and spreading of information in the field of new information technologies, study and exploration of the fields of the new information technologies usage, generalization and spreading the advanced experience in this field and providing systematic service to users, active participation in formation of legislative and organizational basis of Azerbaijan’s segment on Internet. In 2001 for the first time in Azerbaijan the “Multimedia” Center created an educational package “AzTest”.  


              The provision of information. “Multimedia” Information Systems and Technologies Center also takes concrete steps in the field of spreading the information and inquiry bases by means of new information technology (web-resources, CD-disk), which is very useful for non-governmental organizations. The Project “Panorama of Azerbaijan” (www.azpan.az), Project  “Legislative basis of Azerbaijan Republic” (www.cit.az ), the multimedia CD-disk “Whole Azerbaijan”, for which “Multimedia” Center was given a special reward of non-governmental organizations.  


More info : www.cit.az  , www.aif.az


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